Sunday, October 28, 2012

Property Insurance Claims Training: Becoming A CATAdjuster

By John Bowers

An insurance claims adjuster who works property claims after a weather-related catastrophe like a hurricane, tornado or hailstorm is called a CATAdjuster.

Getting licensed as an adjuster was a way for me to have more income to cover down time from my construction job.

Getting a Texas Insurance Adjuster License is an excellent way to start. It makes its easier to get licensed in other states where the claims work needs to be done. I used online training to get my Texas Insurance Adjuster License and then went on to get my Xactimate training. Next was Practical Adjusting training. I prefer the online training because it's really more cost effective, and I didn't have to take time off from work.

I sent out resumes and signed up at several large CAT Adjuster firms. Pilot was one of those companies and made it possible for me to get certified with State Farm. They also asked me to do the Electronic Claim System online training with State Farm. When I took these courses Hurricane Isaac was in the Gulf. Pilot sent me a typical questionnaire to find out if I would be available if needed.

It's my job to be prepared and ready. The best thing you can do prior to being asked to take the certification is to be prepared. Get the best training you can ahead of time. Thanks to the training I had, I feel prepared for what's ahead.

It's critical to have training for the Xactimate software. The training course I took sets you up to be an efficient adjuster out in the field. You learn how the software works and do exercises to get comfortable with it. The instructor also works an exercise so you can see exactly how to do it. Since it's online you can review as much as you need.

The Practical Adjusting class will prepare you for how to show up in the field. Making a good first impression is important. The class is incredibly useful in learning the little things that will make you efficient in the field. The instructor gets down to such practical things as what equipment to bring and why, how much money to have available, and how to plan your living accommodations. All of this means working smarter and completing claims faster.

Obviously, the insurance companies need their claims completed. Being prepared and well trained means you'll be able to earn more money by working more claims.

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