Saturday, November 17, 2012

Types of websites to choose from

By Penny Scholles

With the discovery of the Web, communication and sharing of info has been reduced to an easy click of the mouse. Recently having a domain is a requirement, if you would like to expand your interests, or desire your voice to get heard. They can be broadly divided into 4 types:

- Personal

- Government

- Commercial

- Charitable/non-profit

An internet site can contain a hyperlink, leading to another one. One can navigate to the other site by just clicking on the link.

An internet site can be specified into two main types:

Static website: In such a site, the pages are stored in the server in the form, sent to the browser and is typically coded in HTML format. The 'classic ' or the 'five-page ' sites are generally static, as they display similar info to all users and visitors. Tiny companies have a tendency to adopt this technique for providing info about their services and goods to prospective customers, via text, animations, photos, video/audio and other interactive menus. Due to this very feature, it's also called 'brochure site'.

Dynamic Website: It is more complex than a static site. It customizes itself immediately and often. It typically is composed of the invisible dynamic code, and the completely visible dynamic content. Now let us see what these terms suggest?

Dynamic Code: This kind of code doesn?t use easy HTML language. It is constructed with the help of active programming. Each net page is created on the fly by employing chunks of different codes, routines and procedures. Such pages can display conversations, or alter information according to the user, the area, etc.

Dynamic Content: Content displayed in dynamic ones is variable by retrieving content, which is stored in database. It essentially means the messages, photographs, text, and other information are showed on the page, and how it changes appropriately. It functions on either previously outlined rules or user input that's variable.

No company can do without an outstanding website. It is currently evident, that most consumers will visit the company's web page, before contacting or visiting it. Nowadays , most firms wish to list their services and products, and on occasions even catalogs, to benefit the purchasers.

A good commercial website is characterized by the following traits:

- Fresh and original content

- Top quality, precise and updated content is the number one requirement of a business site.

- Simple but professional design

- It must have an attractive, yet simple layout. Too much color or graphics will drive away clients, and so will a tasteless site.

Target customers: The company must focus on tempting those sections of the population, for whom it's products are meant. It should bear a call-for-action tone.

Search Website Optimization: It is of no use if your company web page does rank in the major search engines. So take care the necessary keywords are found to be present in the content.Speed

- Do make sure that The speed of navigating from one section to another section of your internet site occurs swiftly.

- Slow navigation can be really irritating.

A good business page brings in more visitors, and more consumers. 1 or 2 corporations even added the convenience of placing an order on the web. Some actually have an effectual shopper care division, which should answer your queries in virtually no time.

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